We are keen to promote our knowledge and appreciation
of wildlife and would like to be able to inform and advise
our customers on the ecological impact that their tree
works may have within the landowner’s domain.
e.g. retention of dead wood, awareness off bat-roosting
trees, preservation of bird-feeding posts within trees, etc.

Tree Surgery

* Crown thinning, reduction, compaction and shaping.
* Pollarding and coppicing.
* Deadwood removal.

Tree Felling

* Trees removed and felled - we specialise in felling in confined spaces.
* Latest rope technology.
* Site clearance.


* Stumps and roots removed.
* Root pruning expertly conducted
* Root barriers installed.


* Trees and shrubs supplied and planted.
* Tree grills and guards installed.
* Tree and shrub relocation.


* Tree inspection schedules and reports.
* Tree survey schedules and reports.
* Tree hazard assessments.


* Wildlife impact assessments.
* Bird nest boxes and bat roost boxes installed.
* Log and mulch supplies.
* Hedge cutting and renovation.
* All tree work complies to
- British Standard 3998: 1989 Recommendations for Tree Work
- British Standard 5837: 2005 Trees in Relation to Construction.
* All tree work complies to the Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981.
* All tree work complies to the Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000.
* All operational arisings are recycled.
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