Whatever size your business, it is essential to work to some kind of Marketing Plan. It doesn't have to be a complex, multi-page document, but there are some fundamental guidelines that you should follow to keep hold of your existing clients, whilst actively promoting your service or product to attract fresh business. Let's talk business!

Love it or hate it, Social Media (in an evolving form) is here to stay as a very effective method of getting a message across to a receptive audience. I can set-up and manage those channels of communication.

Of course, the ultimate method of increasing your business is by 'word of mouth'. I'll leave that up to you and your clients.

Graphic Design
Imagery and text that catches the eye and effectively communicates your message is good graphic design. Sounds reasonable, but using these elements for the best results needs a bit of thought. I can help get your message over… with your web and print adverts, newsletters, flyers & brochures, etc.
Website Design
Let's face it, nowadays your website is the single-most important element that promotes your business. Get the content, navigation and visuals right and you've got a fighting chance of the potential client taking the next step and actually contacting you. I can design your website, and I can advise on the content and write the copy - design and marketing working together!

As if that wasn't enough, there's an increasing demand to view websites on an iPhone or Blackberry… how do we get all that information onto a small screen and still make it easily understandable. Responsive Design is the answer; wherever possible I use this design approach to allow websites to be effectively viewed across a range of devices… phone, tablet (iOS & Android) and desktop. For an illustration on how this works, if you're looking at this page on a desktop drag the window to its narrowest width. You'll see the menu minimise and disappear to the bottom of the page and the words and images will intelligently adapt to the new width. If you're on an iPad, simply turn the tablet 90 degrees. Impressive huh?

But can you get my website onto Google's front page? Search Engine Optimisation is a career in itself, but I'll employ all the effective SEO techniques (of which there are very many!) and I'll do my utmost!
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Responsive Design intelligently adapts your website to be viewed across a range of devices… phone, tablet (iOS & Android) and desktop!
Digital Publishing
The recent growth of smartphones, tablets and emerging digital publishing solutions has enabled the process of viewing your favourite newspaper, magazine or book on a selection of displays - iOS, Android and desktop. I have experience of taking a printed publication from static images and words on a page through to a dynamic, media-rich format that an App, Web App or Responsive Design can offer. Call me to discuss your transition.

Press Releases
Supplying the industry press with your company's latest news should be an integral part of your marketing plan. There are of course a few rules to remember when writing your copy. Contact me to get your news out there!
Email Distribution
So, you've got your product and service set up, your new website's looking great and you've got a special offer that you need to promote. I can design informative and 'good looking' HTML emails and distribute to your existing database of clients via a bulk email client. This system also provides 'sent message' analysis providing at the minimum, 'open' and 'click through' rates, location and 'click map'.
… from static images and words on a printed page through to a dynamic, media-rich format that an App, Web App or Responsive Design can offer!
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